GoDaddy takes down GoDaddy

GoDaddy takes down GoDaddy

According to this story, and from our own tests, GoDaddy is down, and has been down for hours now.   This is affecting millions of sites and countless more email addresses.  If you can’t send email to someone with GoDaddy as a host, you will just need to wait it out for now.  We truly feel for the poor souls at GoDaddy customer support and all of those affected.

Perhaps folks will learn a lesson from this as well.  Is saving a dollar or so per month really worth the hassle of using a bargain host?  Not only do you lose performance and  top notch support, you also get hit by attacks like this one.  If you are reading this and are affected by this outage feel free to contact us here.  We will get you up and running very quickly.


Turns out it was internal problem and not an attack.  Updated title appropriately.

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