Real words of thanks from our clients

  • I don’t think there is anyone in the world that replies faster than you do…

–Christos Rafalides, Manhattan Vibes

  • Yet again, Chip, you win the award for most fantastic response time from a host.

–Anna Heath, Giant Rabbit

  • You guys have been absolutely amazing…

–Josh King, Maple Creative

  • Hungerhost LLC hosts all five websites I am affiliated with. Customer service is excellent. I highly recommend them.

–Marina Lighthouse, Feng Shui Shopper

  • We love Hungerhost too! We’ve only had GREAT experiences with them. I think we’ve been working with Hungerhost for almost 10 years.

–Zsuzsanna Molnar, Blue Danube Wine Company

  • Hungerost is by farrrrrrr, the best of the best! I’ve had ridiculously fast, expert, courteous..nope, downright friendly service – consistently throughout the entire process of website development… a genuinely enjoyable experience! Thank you Hungerhost!!!!! Thumbs are all up… in fact, I’m borrowing other thumbs…you’d be crazy not to hire this company!

–Leslie Mayer, LS Mayer Studio

  • Love the new website look. Very easy to navigate. You all are awesome (that’s why I have multiple website with you!) After using the “big guys” and dealing with tech support in another part of the world or my website loading at a crawl, it is refreshing to have such great customer service and fast speeds.

–Elizabeth Barna, Atlantic Food Safety

  • “Thx! That was seriously the quickest response time from a host I’ve ever experienced. Phenomenal.”

–Aaron Hanson, exygy

  • “I think you’re the most amazing tech support I’ve ever had.  Seriously. Where do I send the Christmas bonus check?”

–Aubin LaBrosse, Sol Transaction

  • “…thanks for your superb help yesterday! Email is flowing well, our web site contents are just right, and I see that you even moved my email forwarders flawlessly. My ssh into the server works perfectly, too. The level of support you’ve given me is all too rare, and very welcome.”

–Celeste Stokely, Stokely Consulting

  • “WOW!  You’ve amazed me again.  I can’t thank you enough for your quick responses to my questions today and throughout the years.  Your customer service is one of the many reasons I’ve enjoyed working with you guys for so long.”

–Rachel H., Blueberry Green Studios

  • “…very smooth transition as always…”

–Captain T, ElGran Sabor

  • “This is a Five Star service provider at incredibly reasonable rates. HungerHost is THE BEST hosting service I have ever worked with—I recommend them to all of the website clients and fellow web designers who need hosting services. The staff provides superior and fast support and truly have been a life-saving asset to my business. My clients are always pleased with HungerHost’s responsive and thorough assistance and, best of all, they make me look like a super genius.”

–Lisa Armstrong, Ajuga Inc.

  • “Glad that we are still working with you.  You have been totally awesome whenever we needed anything”

–Mark Danks,

  • “Your very prompt personal and excellent service has kept me a loyal customer since the day I signed on and you helped me set up my domains.”

–Sarah Stocker, Kodama

  • “Thanks so much again.  You have been nothing but great when I have needed your help.  I really appreciate having a tech respond so quickly with exact solutions.”

–James Liston, Mountain Hospice

  • “…you really are just one of the most responsive, easy to work with individuals.”

–Eli Fierer, Alaska Mountain Guides