Spam Problems

Help I’m Getting Spammed to Death!

Spam is a very annoying problem:

  1. Log into your cPanel and click on SpamAssassin under the Mail section. Make sure it is Enabled.
  2. Check and make sure you Spam Score is set to something sane. The default score is 5. Set it lower if you are getting too much spam, or set it higher if you are getting too many valid mails with ***SPAM*** in the subject.
  3. Turn on your Spam Folder by clicking “Enable Spam Box”. This will create a special folder called spam in webmail. Any messages detected as spam will be put in this folder. Note that any message older than 10 days in your spam folder will be automatically deleted.

If you are still getting hammered with spam, in cPanel, under the Mail section, click onDefault Address and make sure “Discard with error to sender (at SMTP time)” is selected. If not spammers can easily reach you by sending to random addresses on your domain.

Your spam settings are per domain. So if you any changes you make will affect all addresses on the domain.