ColdStorage FTP Backup



ColdStorage FTP Backup



ColdStorage is a cheap way to back your important files up to a redundant cloud based file system.  At only $13.50 per 50GB per month it is one of the most affordable solutions around.   That gets you 50GB total storage, and 50GB total download per month.  Uploads are unlimited (until you fill your capacity).



Any backup system that supports FTP will work with our system.  ColdStorage works great with WHM as well – we use it here.  If you manage a WHM based server and are looking for a cheap and easy way to keep backups, you found the right product.



We take the K.I.S.S. philosophy seriously.  We don’t offer any version control or built in encryption to work with your backups.  What you get is a big chunk of space that you do whatever you want with, well as long as you interact with it via FTP and play nicely.  The best encryption is done on the client end before things are uploaded.  Going this route ensures your files are secure.  If their ever was a compromise, all the thieves would get is an encrypted file.



Below you can find the specific details for a chunk of space.  Note you can buy more than 1 chunk which effectively doubles everything.

  • Price:  $13.50 per month
  • Storage:  50GB
  • Upload:  Unlimited
  • Download:  50GB per month

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